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Entry #2

Moving In a New Direction

2015-11-27 22:44:11 by Bearhack

Hello again everybody! It's been a while, but I'm moving on a new track and I have some really great ideas I want to share with everyone so keep an eye out for my Music in the future. I've just posted the first track of my new series "Elemental Consonance" called "Lament of a Forgotten Winter", an instrumental for Bass, Cello, Piano and Flute. A friend of mine said it sounded more like "Cryptic Dungeon" music from Starbound. Let me know what you think in the comments after you hear it. Enjoy!


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2015-11-28 10:06:35

Good news! Though, hard to have a listen without a link?

(Updated ) Bearhack responds:

Yeah, sorry I took it down for a little while until I iron out some of the details. It will be back up soon.
And... Now its back up! :-D


2015-12-05 08:31:20

Thanks, I'll have a listen!