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Not bad for a nice retro throwback. The controls were a little clunky, since the ship only moves from the edges of the screen to the center and back again in one keypress, so to avoid I had to keep tapping the keys back and forth to stay in one place. Just a suggestion: Try an acceleration physics routine that increases or decreases thrust with the keypress to allow better control while still retaining the difficulty of handling momentum. Besides that, the graphics were good and the sound was standard for a retro game. All in all, I give this game a 3.

This is just another mouse/avoid type game. If you're just testing your ability to code on the unity player, then its okay I guess, but for gameplay, it needs to be less difficult. Some of the areas are almost too narrow, and the foreground obscuring it (I understand this is part of the game) makes it very difficult to judge exactly where the walls are. This degenerates the game to a frustrating trial-and-error rather than fun. Sorry, gameplay is key for me - i'm only giving this a 1.

The music and graphics are good, but the gameplay seriously needs some rework. Rather than using the [right] key to shoot, try designating a specific key to use with the opposite hand so a player can shoot *and* move at the same time, and have the chargeup continue while the key is pressed, rather than auto-shoot and charge when the key is not pressed.
Since gameplay is the key behind any game, no matter how beautiful it is presented, this one only gets 1.5 from me.

Dreamirl responds:

I understand your issue, it's hard to offer a default key binding that doesn't fit with a 2 player configuration for one keyboard.
However it's really better to play it with a gamepad (and with a friend).

Feh, Same old avoid theme but with really junky controls. 1 star, bleh.

TeamSeniorDiablo responds:

Thank you for trying the game and Reviewing, but constructive criticism is preferred.
- Dakota

This is a very interesting and challenging game... My only problem with it being posted on Newgrounds is that it is really only a shareware version of the game rather than allowing you to play through the entire thing. I know we all need to eat but there are other ways to market your products than the outdated shareware marketing scheme.

Now, I'm going to play devil's advocate here and say that I disagree with others views that the inventory and crafting system was annoying. The complication of the crafting system was part of enjoyment of the game - I.E. crafting things from things and other things, combining things together then making new things after crafting those things. I think it just pissed people off because instead of going down once and being able to come back with 12 or 15 different upgrades, you needed to combine so many things together and have "key" items so that only a few upgrades were available at a time.

The production on this game is really good, but what else do you expect from AdultSwim? You guys are awesome. Still, the controls were a little unresponsive at times which made the game very difficult to get good scores on, -1 star for that but otherwise great!

Well Balanced

This is a new, innovative, and well balanced simulation game. The basic concept was different and intriguing. I would suggest that a couple of new background music themes be introduced, perhaps changing after one ends rather than looping continuously, or changing after every star level is reached, it tends to be a little annoying after a while. Otherwise, I really enjoyed spending my time :-D I hope to see some updates in the future!


Hats off to you for a wonderful design Louissi, I really like the concept of crafting objects based on design recipes and creating craft materials from base materials.
Awesome artwork Mapoga, the environment is relaxing and the soothing music is
also a really nice touch as well.

A couple of suggestions:
1. Increase the challenge of the game by allowing players to discover the recipes on their own either through exploration or experimentation.
2. Create 3 save files instead of only 1. My son doesn't want to interfere with my game every time he wants to play lol!
3. Increase the number of ship parts to create before the ship is completely fixed. This concept reminds me of Pikmin in a way...

Anyhow, a complete rating of 10 for a job well done! I hope to see you make another soon!

Good Game, Ad Placement Bad

The concept of the game is good, though not original (I remember a similar
game I used to play on my old vectrex). The advertisements keep popping up
in the middle of the game though. Just make the ad pop up at the beginning.

Going in a new direction these days - Look forward to my audio submissions in the near future!

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