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Funny and True! You don't find that much on the internet these so, you for me, you get a 5/5.

ApexxWolf responds:

Thanks <3

omfg this makes me look like a complete moron but this video hits the nail right on the head. Good Irony makes me feel good ;-D

Definitely Elevator. Haha, ha, heh...

I love parkour racing, its really all about adrenaline thrill. This was a great animation describing harnessing that feeling of being on the edge. Keep it up!

I loved the "noir" feeling to this animated short, it really brought out the main character's dark ambience. I know it was only a simple idea, but I really hope to see more of Casey and her cold ruthlessness in the future. Please?

Yet again, you made my skin tingle with sheer adrenaline. The feeling of the heroine getting her butt handed to her a couple of times added a little more flavor to the action. I still love the whole shift -> concept, and that sword/shield thing she uses is really awesome. Linking in with the original Shift mid-frame was a distinct touch for anyone who saw it previously.
Damn, I can't wait to see the next one, i'm salivating already.

TechLeSSWaYz responds:

I'm glad I could give you that feeling ^__^ now let's see if I can make you shed a tear lol Jk
Thanks for watching!(both)

Now, this is *really* what I need in an action short! Blood, gore, continuous action and I can't count how many different ways you can kill someone with gravity and a big gun (lol). Keep this up!

TechLeSSWaYz responds:

OOH im on the right path XD Thanks~

Boring. This "action" movie is nothing more than 7 minutes of useless exposition followed by a lacking 30 second mini-battle between a couple of lesser-known game characters. Next time, cut the chatter, blast the action.

TigerJ15 responds:

Hay it's hard to have a battle if you don't explain the story first, it would be like dropping the viewer in without knowing what the hell is happening, also it's NOT a movie it's a series. Also last time I checked sonic the hedgehog isn't a lesser know character Alex Kidd is but that's the irony of the battle since Alex Kidd used to be Sega's mascot before Sonic came into the picture

The concept of nanoparticles representing entire universes worth of worlds in an infinitesemally endless chain or vice/versa is something that I have always believed that science will prove eventually. It is nice to know that there are actually others even think such things whether or not they believe them. Good work, your work was very well thought under pressure and I commend you greatly.

Pahgawk responds:

I sort of hope that it's never proven to be true, because that would enable situations like the one in the video to happen where everything just gets turned off, or even where people can get control of the universe.

No joke, this is seriously awesome. Not one other comment necessary.

Going in a new direction these days - Look forward to my audio submissions in the near future!

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